We meet customers' needs by expertly combining these three functions.

Our mission is to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers for a superior food experience.

  • 農園経営
  • 商社機能
  • 生産加工
  • 販売機能

U.S. Orchard Operation

Applying the experience and know-how of importing agricultural products from California for many years, we own 1,000 acres of land in Olivehurst, California, farming prune and walnut orchards.

Aside from our own harvest, we also receive raw-material supplies from contracted growers of 12,000 acres. We process a total 30,000 tons of walnuts and prunes.

  • Plum blossoms
    Plum blossoms
  • Harvesting prunes
    Harvesting prunes
  • Walnut trees
    Walnut trees

Importing and Exporting Function

We import agricultural produce and processed products from suppliers in 33 countries.

We process agricultural produce (prunes and walnuts) harvested at our own and contracted orchards at our own and contracted plants, and export to Japan and overseas (Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc.).

We export products worldwide (pine nuts and pumpkin seeds) that have been processed primarily at our own plant in China (Yanji Shoei Foods, China).

  • Business negotiation with suppliers
    Business negotiation with suppliers
  • Shipment from Shoei Foods USA
    Shipment from Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc.
  • Container vessel
    Container vessel

Processing and Manufacturing

We are also a manufacturer, with production bases (9 locations) in Japan and overseas.

Shoei Delicy Chikusei Plant, Kyo Marron Co., Ltd.
Mitsukaido Plant and Amakusa Plant,
Robinia Co., Ltd.,Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd.
Ishioka Plant and Tamari Plant
United States
Shoei Foods Qingdao Co., Ltd.,
Yanji Shoei Foods Co., Ltd.

We process imported agricultural produce into raw materials for confectionery, bread and food service industry and for consumer products. We process them into safe and reliable products that satisfy customers' needs.

  • Automatic packaging machine
    Automatic packaging machine
  • Walnut sorting line
    Walnut sorting line
  • Laser sorter
    Laser sorter

Sales Function

We have a distribution system for directly delivering products processed at our own plant.

We offer products directly imported from overseas suppliers promptly and at reasonable prices.

We established an integrated network that allows us to promptly deliver various food ingredients from major Japanese manufacturers to our customers whenever necessary.

  • Nuts and dried fruits
    Nuts and dried fruits
  • Retail Bakeries
    Retail bakeries
  • Home products
    Consumer products
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