Corporate History

November 1904
Founder, Tasuke Honda, opened Seikosha Milk Shop and a dairy cattle farm in Ebara County (now Ota-ku) in Tokyo.
November 1947
Shoei Foods Corporation incorporated.
October 1951 Established Senkawa Plant in Mitaka, Tokyo.
May 1960 Headquarters moved into a new office building in Neribei-cho, Taito-ku, Tokyo (present location of Head Office)
January 1963 Osaka Sales Office (now Kansai Branch Office) opened.
September 1964 Fukuoka Sales Office (now Kyushu Branch Office) opened.
November 1967 Hokkaido Sales Office (now Sapporo Branch Office) opened.
May 1968 Introduced computer system for improving efficiency.
March 1973 Started a business and capital partnership with Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd.
August 1974 Established Kyo Marron Co., Ltd.
September 1974 Established Monde Co.,Ltd.
August 1977 Established Tokyo Nosan Co., Ltd. (now Robinia Co.,Ltd.) and Joyo Confectionery Co., Ltd.
August 1979 Hiroshima Representative Office (now Hiroshima Branch Office) and Kagoshima Representative Office opened.
November 1983 Sendai Representative Office (now Sendai Branch Office) opened.
April 1984 Nagoya Representative Office (now Nagoya Branch Office) opened.
February 1985 Established Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc. in Oregon, U.S.A.
August 1986 Listed stocks on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 1987 Niigata Sales Office (now Niigata Branch Office) opened.
October 1988 Established Algodon, Inc. in California U.S.A.
July 1990 Established Feather River Foods, Inc. in California, U.S.A.
September 1990 Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc. moved from Oregon to California (all U.S. operations concentrated in California).
March 1991 Established Iwasa Corporation.
October 1998 Algodon, Inc. was merged into Feather River Foods, Inc.
October 1999 Feather River Foods, Inc. was merged into Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc.
April 2001 Nut Plant went into full operation at Tsukuba Dairy Products Co., Ltd. Tamari Plant.
January 2002 Established Shoei Confectionery Co., Ltd.
August 2002 Established Shoei Foods Qingdao Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, Shandong, China.
July 2003 Established Shoei International Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
May 2004 Established Yanji Shoei Foods Co., Ltd. in Yanji, Jilin, China.
November 2004 Celebrated the 100th anniversary of founding.
October 2005 Held the opening ceremony of the new factory of Yanji Shoei Foods Co., Ltd.
Held the opening ceremony of the second factory of Shoei Foods Qingdao Co., Ltd.
March 2006 Opened Shenzhen Branch of Shoei International Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
July 2006 Established Shoei International Trading Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
January 2007 Established Shoei Delicy Co.,Ltd.
November 2007 Joyo Confectionery Co., Ltd., Monde Corporation and Shoei Confectionery Co., Ltd. completed their liquidation.
December 2008 Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc. formed a 50-50 alliance with Sunsweet Growers Inc. for prune business.
October 2009 Shoei Foods (U.S.A.), Inc. established walnut processing facilities and planted several hundred acres of walnuts.
April 2010 Opened Beijing Branch of Shoei International Trading Shanghi Co., Ltd.
May 2011 Business started at the new address of Kayaba-cho for reconstruction of head office building.
August 2013 New building (now head office) was completed in Akihabara, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
November 2014 Celebrated the 110th anniversary of founding.
July 2017 Listed stocks on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November 2017 Celebrated the 70th anniversary of incorporation.
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