When was the company established?
A. Founder Tasuke Honda opened Seikosha Gyunyuten in November 1904, in Shimoebara County (current Ota Ward), Tokyo. In 1947, the company was established in its current form as Shoei Foods Corporation.
When did you become a listed company?
A. In August 1986, we were listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and joined the First Section in July 2017.
What is your securities code?
A. 8079
When do you settle your financial statements?
A. At the end of October every year.
What is the minimum share-trading unit?
A. 100 shares.
When do you close your shareholders’ list for dividend purposes?
A. On the last day of October. If we pay an interim dividend, it will be on the last day of April.
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