Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Understanding the importance of our customers' and stakeholders' personal information, Shoei Foods Corporation (hereafter "we") will comply with laws and regulations related to protection of personal information and various codes to continue to take steps to protect personal information, including preventing information leakage.

Policy on Specific Actions

1. Collecting Personal Information

We will collect personal information in an appropriate manner, making the purpose of use as clear as possible, and use the information only to the extent necessary to accomplish such purposes.

2. Purpose for Using Personal Information

Shown below are the personal information we own and the purpose of its use.

  1. Personal information of our members and orders of our online shop
    • To send products, and direct mails to introduce our new products and other updates
  2. Personal information of people who entered our campaigns
    • To send them free gifts and questionnaires
  3. Personal information for product monitoring
    • To send questionnaires and rewards
  4. Personal information of our employment applicants
    • To evaluate the possibility of employment, and to send relevant documents to successful applicants
  5. Personal information of users of our customer support center
    • To answer product enquiries, and other enquiries and claims
    • To contact manufacturer and sellers of the products and to provide information to them
    • In notifications and reports to the government sectors
  6. Personal information of our shareholders
    • To fulfill our duties stipulated in relevant laws and regulations and to respond to shareholders exercising their rights
    • To send business reports and other documents for shareholders
  7. Personal information of our employees
    • For general labor-management, including human resource management, talent development, welfare, and safety and hygiene issues
    • To pay salaries and bonuses
    • In notifications and reports to the government sectors

3. External Provision of Personal Information

  1. Outsourcing
    In principle, we will not outsource the handling of personal information to external parties. In unusual cases where this is necessary, upon confirming that personal information is fully protected by the said party, we will sign an agreement with the said party about the protection of personal information and take appropriate monitoring measures.
  2. Joint use of the information and provision of the information to third parties
    In principle, we will not jointly use our personal information with any other party nor offer the information to third parties. In unusual cases where this is necessary, we will do so upon a prior consent.

4. Responding to Customers

If a customer wishes to disclose, amend, add, terminate the use of, or make a complaint about the contents of their personal information, our customer service staff will take immediate action upon contact, after verifying the customer's identity.

5. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

We will assign a personal information manager for our customers' information and take stringent steps to manage the information appropriately, to prevent illegal access to, and loss, destruction, unauthorized alteration and leakage of personal information.

6. Contact

For inquiries concerning personal information please contact below.
General Affairs Department, Shoei Foods Corporation
E-mail :

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